How to see the answers of a survey?

Version 1


    This article describes how to see the answers of the surveys in ITSM, both for the Smart Client and the Self Service.

    Please note: This solution is only for ITSM/HEAT 7.x releases



    Solution 1 - Smart Client

    There is no a way to see all the answers of  surveys as the answers are related to the incidents and not to the  survey by itself. Depending on the incident the answer would vary  according to the perception of the customer about the incident and the  analyst, so not to the survey title or description.

    You can create a "Saved search"  showing the incidents that have a survey answered, that then the user  can filter by himself using customer, date or analyst criteria. Please  follow this procedure:

    1. In the Smart Client, open the Incident workspace.
    2. In the "Saved searches", create a new one
    3. Fill it out with the same data of the screenshot

    4. Then check it as favorite and execute it

    5. Now  you can filter using Owner, Customer and Date criteria, so the manager  can review easily the incidents of an analyst in a period of time in a  quick way

    Solution 2 - Self Service

    This procedure will add a survey top level tab. It is not possible to show the incident number related to the answers, so in this case the data can be exported for statistical study.

    - Go to the Self Service AdminUI and go to the  FRS_Survey business object.

    2.    - In the grids tab, add a new one

    3.     - Configure the new grid as in the screenshot, calling it “Survey.Results”, and save it

    4.     - Configure a new form as in the screenshot, calling it “Survey.FormBrief”

    5.    -Without  closing the FRS_Survery BO, go to the FRS_SurveyAnswer BO and create a  new grid like the one in the screenshots, calling it “Survey.Answers”

    6.    -Return  to the FRS_Survey BO, and create a new layout, configuring it as in the  screenshots. You will need to create also the ListView and the FormView

    - Edit the toolbar in the Child Panel, as we should be able to export the results to Excel but not to do any other operation

    7.     - Finally, in the “User inferfaces”, add the layout to the required roles.

    8.    - Go  to the Self Service and access with a role that has added the user  interface for the Surveys. Enter in a survey and then click on the “Edit  Actions”  option

    9.     - Add a new Quick Action for exporting the results to Excel

    10.  - Refresh the browser in the Self Service, now you should be able to Export the answers to Excel.