How to change the Status of an Incident when a self service user adds a Note

Version 1


    When a customer adds a Note to their Incident using Self Service, it is possible to configure a business rule that sets the Incident back to Active and/or notifies the analyst of the update.


    Here are the configuration steps:

    1. Log into the Admin role
    2. Select Configure Application
    3. Select Business Objects
    4. Select Incident
    5. Select Business Rules
    6. Expand the first section (Triggered Actions)
    7. Enter the Trigger Name (example: New Notes from Self Service)
    8. Check On Update of a Specific Field
    9. For Field, select NewNotes
    10. Select Is Changed below the field
    11. Click Next
    12. Select Configure New Action
    13. Select Update Object
    14. Click the Status field and select Active
    15. Click Save
    Now, when a customer adds a new Notes via Self Service, the Incident will change back to Active status and become more visible to the Owner.

    You can change step 13 as desired to a Notification that can alert the Owner, or to a Composite Action that can do both.

    Please note that this rule will not trigger if a journal note is added via the SDA or Administrator role; it will only act if the note is entered via self service. This prevents unwanted status changes from internal updates, only customer updates will set the rule in motion.