ITSM 7x: How Email Approval replies are handled

Version 2


    In ITSM, "GetApproval" will generate an Approval, and an Approval Vote tracking. For each Approval Vote, the voter will receive an Email. They can reply to that Email, and include "Approved" or "Denied" in the subject line, to automatically approve or deny their vote...

    How is that achieved?



    Open Service Management Administrator  > Server Settings > Messaging > Listeners/Invokers.  Out of the box, there is an "Email Listener - Approval":

    This listener uses the "DefaultEMailTransformer2" style sheet (attached). 

    In essence, after configuring this listener, the transformation will simply create a Journal.Email record, which will then fire a business rule. That business rule can be seen from the client:

    So, this is triggered as seen above, and it will then parse the Email content, and update the appropriate ApprovalVote record.