How to validate a minimum number of characters of a field in ITSM Service Management

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    This article demonstrates how to validate the content of a field in the Service Management of ITSM 7.2.x. In this case, the validation rule will check that a field has a minimum number of character, that it is not one of the options by default in the application. For this article, we are going to use the "Resolution" field of an Incident, for example, we would like the Service Desk Analysts to always write a complete explanation for the resolution.


    Please follow this procedure to create it.

    1. Before starting, it is highly recommended to do a backup of the database. In this procedure you are going to modify a Business Object and it is better doing it safely.
    2. In the HEAT application server, open the Service Management Administrator

    3. Choose the connection that connects directly to the database

    4. Log in as administrator

    5. In the Common Tasks, select the New Definition Set option:

    6. Navigate on the left tree to Incident >> Fields >> Resolution. Press the right click of the mouse and edit the field

    7. In the Validation tab, select the Regular expression option, and fill it up with this value. This condition will accept any  text between 10 and 10000 characters, but you can modify the number of  characters allowed depending on your requirements:


    8. Save, close that window and in the top menu, go to File >> Commit

    9. Press OK in the Commit Definition Set warning, and wait until it finishes successfully. Press No as this field does not affect to the Self Service

    10. Save the Definition Set (if you want to export it) and close the application. Please check that it is saving it with the correct file name. It is likely that you need to restart the smart client to check the validation.