Slow performance when adding a new task to an incident

Version 1


    When there is a relevant number of Employees in the HEAT system, the load of the popup window for adding a new task to an incident can take some seconds, and the user has the impression that something is wrong with the combo-boxes, as they take some seconds to show the correct content, and until that moment they show values like "null".


    There are two possible solutions for this issue, both of them equally valid.

    1.- This is a performance issue, as whether the user waits  enough time to complete the load of the page, it works properly. This occurs because no Team is selected, as this modifies  the query that looks for the employees in the database and it introduces the condition  "IS NULL", and that clause always produces slower queries. Adding a Team by default speeds up the load of the form.

    Please follow this procedure for solving the issue:

    1. In the AdminUI, go to the Business Object called Task.Assignment (Task#Assignment)
    2. Access the Business Rules tab and scroll down to the Initialization Rules.
    3. Add a new Initialization Rule. The field value is $([Incident#.Rev3]OwnerTeam)

    4. Save and check the improvement.

    2.- In the  Owner field's Pick List configuration, add a null value check to the  team constraint.  The constraining field expression now reads  $(NVL([ValidationList]OwnerTeam,”Empty”))   :

    This  fix simply changes the Null from the default value for the Team field  into a value “Empty”, which allows SQL to use the index on the Employee  team field, and thus return it’s zero employees into the pre-cache for  the Owner dropdown almost instantaneously.