HTML Editor and HTML Viewer Control Type missing from the Control Properties as of 2014.3

Version 1


    As of 2014.3, there is now a new datatype of HTML.  The datatype needs to be set at the field level for the HTML Viewer and HTML Editor controls to appear as a Control Type from the Form Designer.  If you previously had HTML Viewer or HTML Editor enabled, those will still be HTML



    Here are steps to set the datatype to HTML and then have HTML Viewer and HTML Editor appear as a Control Type:
    1. Log into the AdminUI
    2. Click on the business object containing the field, example (Incident)
    3. Click on Fields
    4. Click on the field that you want to store HTML
    5. For the field type, select HTML
    6. Click on Forms
    7. Click on the form that you want the field displayed
    8. Add the field to the form
    9. Click on Control Type
    Note: You will now only see HTML Viewer and HTML Editor 

    If you need to use another Control Type, you will need to change the datatype of the field to something other than HTML.