How can a word that was incorrectly added to the spell check dictionary be removed?

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    When a user has added an incorrect or unwanted entry to the spell check dictionary they may wish to correct or remove the entry.
    This article describes how this can be accomplished.




    Customized additions to the spell check dictionary are per user and stored in the user's profile in a file named 'user.dic'. 
    This file is is a standard text file and can be edited with notepad or another standard text editor.


    1. Locate the file for the user with incorrect data in the dictionary on the client computer at:
        C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\NetSpell\user.dic
        Note - "C:" should reflect the drive where user profiles are stored, usually C:
                    "User" would be replaced with the user profile account
    2. Edit the file with a text editor.
    3. Remove or correct any incorrect entries
        Note: The file can also be deleted and will automatically be recreated when the user adds a word to the dictionary.
    4. Save the edited file.
        The changes should occur and be active for the user immediately.