How to change between classic menus and GoldMine Premium Menus?

Version 2


    Some users have different menu names and options available to them or menu items show under a different menu amongst users,  why is this?


    1 - There are two different menu structures in GoldMine available to users.  "Classic GoldMine menu" and "GoldMine Premium menu".

    2 - The "Classic" menu is for users who have had much earlier editions of GoldMine such as GoldMine Standard Edition or GoldMine Corporate Edition.  When GoldMine Premium Edition was released the GoldMine interface was updated, the menu structure and names of some functions changed; this is called "GoldMine Premium menu".

    3 - We wanted to offer users coming from older editions of GoldMine Premium Edition the option to use the older menu structure to help them transition to GoldMine Premium Edition.

    4 - To change to the "Classic" menu click Tools >> Options >> System tab >> Check "Use classic GoldMine menu" >>OK.

    5 - To change to the "GoldMine Premium" menu structure click Edit >> Options >> System >> Uncheck "Use classic GoldMine menu" >> OK.


    Further information about "Classic Menus" can be found in the GoldMine F1 help feature.