Taskbar doesn't stay at the top of the screen. It floats at the bottom of the screen.

Version 1


    Taskbar is moving to the bottom of the screen for 1 user and we cannot make it stick at the top


    1. Log out of GoldMine as the affected user e.g. JOHN (in the following example) 2. Browse to the GoldMine shared folder 3. Make a copy of JOHN.INI and rename it to JOHN.INI.BAK (so that you still have the backup file for the original USER.INI) 4. Open the JOHN.INI with Notepad 5. Search and delete the section [Toolbar] 6. Start GoldMine as JOHN again 7. Verify that the taskbar is no longer just a floating window 8. After verifying that everything works as expected the backup file JOHN.INI.BAK can be deleted  NOTE: if the taskbar is still a floating window and the steps above didn't fix the issue, please follow the steps below  Further steps: The next step would be to clear the environment variables for this user,   NOTE: it requires access to SQL management studio.   1) Make sure the affected user is not logged into GM 2) Make full SQL backup  3) Run the following query in SQL Server Management Studio:  select * from dbo.Environment where USERID='affected users GM username' and NAME <> 'outlooksyncenabled' and NAME <> 'gmoutlooksettings'   4)Note how many line items returned  5) Change to a delete statement  [replace select * with delete] 6) You should see the same number of records affected as the number that came up with the select statement.