(<2014.2.1) When trying to search for an existing CI, it continues to show all CIs.  Error enabling "Full Text Search Enabled" on CI field: "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute."

Version 1



    When trying to search for an existing CI, using the full text search, the result is not returned, it continues to show all CIs:

    If a CI Type is selected as shown below, with the CI name, then the search returns the expected results:

    If going into the Admin settings, and into the CI object, when ticking the box ‘full text search field is enabled’ under the field Name: 




    Saving produces the following error message:




    The error when attempting to full-text-index a column, and the actual symptom itself when searching against that column (everything is returned -- Essentially a symptom of the first error, further details below) is addressed in 2014.2.1, but a content fix is provided for earlier versions.

    Essentially what has happened is that the base CI object no longer has that field indexed, and there was a code bug that prevented it from re-indexing.

    The steps to address this are recommended as follows. Please note that because we are modifying JSON/metadata definitions within the SQL columns directly, it is explicitly recommended that a database backup be taken prior to executing the steps.

    1. First execute the following update statement:

    UPDATE Frs_def_tables SET
    Definition = REPLACE(CAST(Definition AS nvarchar(max)),'FullTextSearchIndex:null','FullTextSearchIndex:{ChangeTracking:"Auto",StopList:null,Fields:{Name:{TypeColumn:"",LanguageTerm:""},OperatingSystem:{TypeColumn:"",LanguageTerm:""},Manufacturer:{TypeColumn:"",LanguageTerm:""},Model:{TypeColumn:"",LanguageTerm:""},CPUName:{TypeColumn:"",LanguageTerm:""}}}')
    WHERE TableRef = 'CI#'

    2. Now perform an IIS reset, so that the updated business object definition takes effect by the AppServer.

    Once the application is back up again, you should now be able to mark the desired field in CI as full text search enabled.