How to Activate a Resolved incident when receiving a new email

Version 1


    This article shows how to configure HEAT Service Management to re-Activate an incident that is in a Resolved state when an email linked to that incident is received in the mailbox listener.   It must be automatic and the escalation clock should continue working.


    Please follow this procedure. It would be launched for every new mail that it is related to an existing incident.

    1. Create the Quick Action as follows using “Incident Resolved to Active” as name and leaving the other fields by default
    2. Update the Status field with the following function

      $(if Status == "Resolved" then "Active" else Status)

    3. Check on “Save object” and save the QA

    4. In the AdminUI, open “Email Configuration >> Mail Boxes" and select the incident's listener
    5. Click on the Status Mapping tab and click on "New Tenant Email Status Mapping"

    6. Configure the "Current Status" as Resolved and use the Quick Action created in the previous step. It is extremely important that the Quick Action name is exactly the same.

    7. Finally,  there is a Business Rule in the Incident Object that prompts the user with a  question when an Incident passes from Resolved to Active. In the  “Composite Action Configuration”, the second option should be deleted,  so edit it.

      and remove the second option, "Prompt user for notes..."

      The procedure now is completed and the resolution should turn into Active automatically.

    Otherwise, it is possible to add a notification in the Quick Action to notify the Analyst that the incident has been reopened.