The CallerID for the agent dialing outbound is not correctly reflecting the P-Asserted Identity override and the phone system is pulling from RPID.

Version 1


    The phone systems outside of IPCM are using the RPID instead of the P-Asserted Identity for the CallerID.



    In the SIPServerConfig.XMLIn the trunk <Entry>, add the following that is in bold:
    <Header name="Remote-Party-ID"/>
    <Entry force_address="" memo="Sip Trunk to PaeTec"    domain="" address="" >
                    <Prefix cost="1" number="8888"/>
                    <Prefix trim="" length="" strip="4" number="8888" prepend=""/>
                    <Prefix trim="" length="4" strip="" number="1" prepend="925398"/>
                    <Prefix trim="" length="10" strip="6" number="925398" prepend=""/>
    <Header name="Remote-Party-ID"/>
    <Prefix trim="" length="" strip="" number="*" prepend="9"/>