How to create a Group of Contact Records in GoldMine using a SQL Query.

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    Filters in GoldMine can only be made with data which is contained in the CONTACT1 and CONTACT2 tables. In some scenarios, users may need to select contact records using data in a different table. When this is needed, a GoldMine Group can be created and used in ways similar to a filter.

    GoldMine groups can be created a number of ways, including from a SQL Query which references information outside of the CONTACT1 and CONTACT2 tables in the GoldMine database. 




    Important Notes: 
    *These steps will select ANY contact record with the specified merge code. This includes contact records where the merge code was used for a physical mailing address.

    *Additional contacts cannot be added to a group individually. If a Primary contact does not contain the specified merge code, but an additional contact for this primary DOES contain the merge code, the primary contact record will be added to the group. 

    *If an additional contact record is needed in a group WITHOUT the associated primary contact record, this additional contact record should be converted to a primary contact record by right-clicking the primary contact record and selecting Options > Convert to Record

    To create a Group of Contact Records in GoldMine using a SQL Query:
    1. Click on Tools > SQL Query
    2. Provide a SQL Query to select specific contact records in the GoldMine database.
       example:  Select * from CONTSUPP where MERGECODEs like '%mrkt%'
    3. Click Query to preview the results of the provided SQL Query from Step 2.
    4. Click on the Groups tab in the Filters and Groups window.
    5. Click New Group.
    6. Proved a name and code for the new group. 
    7. Make sure the checkbox for "Build the Group" is selected. 
    8. Click OK to begin building the group.
    9. The Group Building Wizard opens 
    10. Select the radial button for the option "SQL Query records" click Next.
    11. If  desired, choose a Sort field, Click Next
    12. Click Finish