How to filter out items from the "My Items" Tab.

Version 1



    The "My Items" Tab is showing Items in status that I do not wish to see anymore. 
    Is there a way to only show the status that I want to see.




    The "My Items" Tab utilizes Saved Searches.
    You can modify these searches to only show the things you want to display.

    Here is an example for the basic "All" search.
    1. Open the Administrator
    2. Go to Saved Searches
    3. Go to My Items >> Add/Edit
    4. Select the Search titled - "All"
    5. Edit the search 
    6. Modify the status search to read
       My Item ... Status ... Not in List ... (Here you can select the list of status you do not wish to display).
    7. Save & Close the search

    Additional Information:
    If you choose to "Search My Items In" where you can select Service Request, Incident, Approval Vote Tracking, or All
    you can modify each of these saved searches using the same steps as above but modifying the corresponding search.