How to set Agent WrapUp Time

Version 1


    When an agent finishes a call there is an option to give them wrap up time. This predetermined time is set to allow the agent to finish up any duties regarding the call and allow them to be prepared for the next incoming call.


    Agent Group Setting:
    1. In the Management Portal go to Agents/Skills/Services
    2. Click on an agent group
    3. Under Agent WrapUp Timeout you can select Use Group Defined, Disable or Use Server Defined.
    4. Group Defined - Set the Seconds field to the time needed, press ok then commit.

    Note: Each group can have different settings, you can adjust each group's need as necessary or use a standard time by setting the server setting.

    Server Setting:

    1. In the Management Portal go to System Configuration -> Contact Center Server -> Advanced configuration.
    2. In Advanced configuration you can toggle Agent WrapUp Timeout: to on
    3. The seconds field sets the time between when an agent or caller hangs up and when they go back to ready.
    4. Once everything is set click Update and Commit Changes.

    Note: Please remember this is for the global setting. This is turned on in the Web Portal under Agents/Skills/Services. Each agent group has individual properties where you can specify the agent wrap up by group.