Access to Attachments on Journals from within Incidents

Version 1


    Customers may have a need to attach screen shots from emails as additional attachments to the incident itself.   This can be accomplished via a roll-up.   It may already be configured, and below will show you how to enable it. If is not configured, the second set of steps will walk you through creating a roll-up.



    If already configured, simply enable the roll-up as shown below:


    1. Select the Attachment tab

    2. On the far right side, enable the drop-down under the green + sign

    If you cannot select the Email Attachments in the Attachment tab as shown above, you will need to configure it. See steps below:

    1. In Configure application, select the Incident Business Object under Business Objects

    2. Go into Layouts and select the correct Layout to modify, depending on your Role

    3. Go into FormView

    4. In the Child Panels area, click on Attachment in the Object Column

    5. Select Use both direct and rollup relationships

    6. Click on Add New Rollup Sequence

    7. Give the rollup a name in the Display Name

    8. Click on the little green plus sign and select "Journal.Email (via IncidentContainsJournal)"

    9. Click on the second little green plus sign and select "Attachment (via JournalEmailContainsAttachment)"

    10. Click on Save, then Save the layout

    11. Refresh the Client (F5) and you should see the changes