ODBC error Microsoft access error

Version 1


    When launching Alert Monitor, the program just flashes but never starts.  When launching Call Logging, user gets the following error:  "The microsoft database engine could not find the object "HEATDb""



    Creation of the ODBC connection on 64 bit machines should be done through the 32 ODBC Administrator located here:

    1.  When configuring the System DSN connections, if done through 64 BIT ODBC Admin, HEAT will not see these as it is a 32 bit app.
    2.  System DSN version User DSN:
    If there is ever a chance of more than one user logging into the machine, then System DSN will show for all users where-as a User DSN is specific to a login.
    System DSNs
    System DSNs work for anyone using that system. For example, no matter who logs onto the machine, system DSNs can be seen by all users, and they are stored in the Local Machine section of the Registry.

    User DSNs
    User DSNs work only for a specific user on a machine. Therefore, if someone other than the person who created the user DSN logs onto that machine, then the User DSN will not show up. This DSN is stored in the Current User section of the Registry.