How to set Status list for Searches.

Version 1


    Customer want's to specify list via filter on field status in saved search area above the grid. Using the "show filter" in the saved search panel option leads to the issue that the statuses do not go along with the status from the service requests.
    How can the list of possible status in "more options" be adopted to the status of service requests from customer?


    The items shown in the Show Filters are designed via the AdminUI.  For example:

    The out of the box database when I click on Show Filters and select the Status field for ServiceReq, here is what I get:

    This list corresponds to what is configured in AdminUI under SearchTools>> Filter Searches for the Service Request BO as shown below:

    I can add value(s) to this list by adding them to the Search Filters in AdminUI.  For example if I want to see "Approval Rejected", I would add it like below:

    1.  From Filter Searches>> Service Request>> Status, click on "Add another filter criteria".

    2.  Enter the information needed as below:

    3.  Save the changes.

    4.  Refresh application and go to Show Filters>> More:

    Now the Approval Rejected Status is listed as below.