HEAT PatchLink DeskTop Version History

Version 1



    This knowledge base article lists each release of HEAT PatchLink DeskTop, along with the             new features introduced each release.


    HEAT PatchLink DeskTop 2.3


    HEAT PatchLink DeskTop 2.3 includes the following new capabilities:


    Easier and Faster Installs


    The HEAT PatchLink DeskTop Installer has an improved user experience. Changes             include:


      Dynamic installation options. The installer automatically scans the computer                     you're installing HEAT PatchLink DeskTop on. Based on the scan, the installer                     dynamically displays install options:

      • If you're installing HEAT PatchLink DeskTop on a WSUS Server, the                         installer gives you the option of installing just the Plug-in, or the Server                             and Plug-in.
      • If you're installing HEAT PatchLink DeskTop on a computer that only has the                         SCCM console installed, the installer only allows installation of the                         Plug-in. The user is not prompted to choose.

      Automatic prerequisite installation. During installation of 2.3, the installer                     scans for all software prerequisites and, if they aren't found, automatically                     installs them for you.


    Import and Update Signing Certificate


    Easily import the signing certificate you'll use to sign 3rd-party patch content,             directly from within HEAT PatchLink DeskTop's Configuration                 Wizard—no need to go through Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher             (SCUP).


    You can also change your certificate or update an expired one directly from within HEAT             PatchLink DeskTop.


    If you're an upgrading customer, the Configuration                 Wizard will detect the signing certificate from your previous installation,             so you won't need to import a new certificate.


    Re-sign Packages


    If your signing certificate expires or is no longer trusted, packages signed by that             certificate are no longer eligible for deployment. To reinstate these packages for             deployment again, you'll need to re-sign the packages after importing a new signing             certificate.


    After completing the certificate import, use the new Re-sign                 Packages dialog to:

    • Identify packages with expired signing
    • Re-sign the packages

    This simple dialog allows you to keep deploying packages you've already published with             minimal downtime.


    HEAT PatchLink DeskTop 2.2


    HEAT PatchLink DeskTop 2.2 includes the following new capabilities:


    Brand Refresh


    If you haven't already heard, Lumension has merged withFrontRange to form a brand new             company, HEATSoftware! As a result, we've renamed Lumension Patch Manager DeskTop to             HEATPatchLink DeskTop. After upgrading to version 2.2, you'll see some updated branding             and a different color palette.


    Publish Software to More than 100Categories


    HEAT Software has updated System Center to allow software publication to more than the             100 categories that Microsoft arbitrarily imposed, so you won't have to micromanage your             publications as you have in the past.


    HEATPatchLink DataCenter Compatibility


    PatchLink DeskTop can now be installed on the same server hosting HEAT PatchLink             DataCenter version 8.3. You can now dedicate a single server to your third-party and             Linux patching needs!


    Windows 10 Plug-in Support


    The PatchLink DeskTop 2.2 Plug-in can now be installed on Windows 10 machines (but you             still must install the server on server-class operating systems).


    Lumension Patch Manager DeskTop 2.1


    HEAT PatchLink DeskTop 2.1 includes the following new capabilities:


    Improved Installation Flexibility


    You no longer have to install LPM DeskTop directly on your primary site server/Central             Administration Site (CAS); it can now be installed on any server that's configured as a             software update point for your highest-ranking SCCM Server (i.e. the primary site server             or CAS).


    Proxy Server Support


    LPM DeskTop can now be configured to communicate with Lumension Cloud Services and other             vendors through a proxy server.


    Server Configuration Wizard


    The 2.1 release introduces a new Server Configuration Wizard, which can be used for             end-to-end configuration of the LPM DeskTop Server. Use it to enter proxy settings,             establish a connection with your SCCM primary site, and activate your license. This             wizard will launch after installation or upgrade, and you can access it anytime within             the Plug-in from LPM DeskTop Settings.


    Lumension Patch Manager DeskTop 2.0


    HEAT PatchLink DeskTop 2.0 includes the following key features and benefits.

    • Streamlines 3rd Party Application Patching for System Center                     environments, bridging the gap between IT Security and Operations.
    • Provides Patch Content for Most Prevalent and At-Risk Enterprise 3rd Party                     Applications, ensuring compliance beyond Microsoft® OS and native                 applications.
    • Integrated Plug-in Automates 3rd Party Application Patching for                 System Center Environments, reducing manual processes through auto content                 subscription and synchronized scheduling via familiar SCCM schedule options.
    • Increases Enterprise Patch Deployment Reliability using the                 patent-pending Patch-Smart™ technology reducing IT burden and overall                 cost.
    • Supports Enterprise Versions of 3rd Party Applications, providing                 the enterprise-class patching required to ensure security and compliance.
    • Delivers In-depth Enterprise Vulnerability Information, supporting                 enterprise-level compliance and security reporting and auditing needs.
    • Supports Specific Application Versioning, allowing organizations to                 maintain compliance with internal policy and external regulations.
    • Utilizes Secure / Centralized Content Repository, improving                 security and reducing the bandwidth and time requirements on IT.
    • Delivers Timely Visibility, reducing security gaps through                 user-configurable alerts for events requiring immediate attention (e.g., failed                 sync, update availability, etc.).
    • Offers Multi-Language Content, supporting global enterprises.



    This article will be updated each time a new version of HEAT PatchLink DeskTop is released.