Is there a list for all ingress points or methods for data entry into the HEAT database?

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    This article provides most known HEAT and non-HEAT entry points where data can be added or is entered into the HEAT database?


    Below are the HEAT (via interface) and non-HEAT entry points where data can enter the HEAT database.

    Through the HEAT Interface:
    1. Manual data entry in Call Logging
    2. Manual entry through HSS by customers
    3. Manual entry through Web-based Call Logging
    4. Manual entry through HEAT Plus Knowledge (HPK) integration into HEAT
    5. Manual or Automated data entry in HEAT Link to LDAP tool that imports data through connection to the LDAP server
    6. Automated data entry in Call Logging through an Autotask with a "create" or "update" action
    7. Automated data entry through HMC using "create" or "update" action in one or more listeners
    8. Automated data entry through Business Rule Monitor (BPAM) using an Autotask with a "create" or "update" action
    9. Automated data entry through ATG (legacy product) using "create" or "update" action
    10. HEAT functions such as "@ReadFile" that could be used in one or more actions in various HEAT modules
    11. Import of the .haf, ..dat, or .hcf files (that were exported by HEAT). Please note this would require that a user manually export then import one of these file types.

    Through Non-HEAT software:
    1. Through the backend SQL server. For example possibly through Scripts, Stored-Procedures, Triggers, Imports, or other SQL tools/commands. Please see your DBA as HEAT Support does not have a full list of all possible SQL methods to add/import data into your HEAT database
    2. Through third-party software that injects data into the HEAT database. Again, please see DBA or another administrator if this is the case.