User Preference "Show Dashboard at Startup" when checked is not showing the Dashboard for end users.

Version 1


    Using version and the User Preferences option to "Show Dashboard at Startup" is not working. Users have this selection checked but no Dashboard is visible. They have to do CTRL+F12 or click on the dashboard for it to show up. 


    With the release of 9.7.1 there was a global option defined for showing the Dashboard as a Feature Request.  By default it is unchecked.  To force the use of visible or not visible for the Dashboard through User Preferences:

    1.  Login to the Administrator Module
    2.  Select Defaults>> System>> System Defaults.  
    3.  At the top of the dialog there is a check box option named Enable Call Logging Dashboard.  
    4.  Check this box.
    Now when users login to Call Logging the visibility of the Dashboard will rely on the User Preferences settings per user machine.