How to improve the visibility of the Journal items using a Flex Control like the Comments in the Incident form.

Version 3


    By default, the Journal items shown using a Flex control like in the Comments section of the Incidents form are formatted as plain text and only a small part is visible. For example, if the item is an Email with HTML content including images, the message will not be shown as the original displays, and it would be necessary to open the Email in a pop-window to see it properly.

    This article shows how to improve and customize the Flex control and show the Email and Notes items in the best way. This configuration will show individual frames for each item, formatted in HTML, showing all the control, and having the minimum scroll-bars.




    This configuration is related to the Comments section of the Incident form, but it could be applicable for any Flex Control across the application.

    In this article we have used a Height of 380px for all the blocks, but it could be anyone, the only condition is that it must be the same in all the cases.

    1. In the "Configure Application", go to this path:

      Build Business Objects Business Object: Incident# Forms Form: IncidentDetails.ServiceDesk

    2. Modify the Height of the "List Item"

    3. In the bottom, you must see a control called Comments, please select it:

    4. In the menu on the left, click on Flex settings:

    5. Please configure the Journal#Email as follows

      For friendly copy and paste (attached as email.txt):

      <div style="overflow:auto;height:380px">
           <span><b>{Category} From: {FromAddr} To: {ToAddrList} On:  {CreatedDateTime:date(_$R("m/d/Y g:i A"))}</b></span>
          <div style="text-overflow:clip;overflow:visible;">{EmailBody}</div>

    6. Please configure the Journal#Notes as follows

      For friendly copy and paste (attached as notes.txt):

      <div style="overflow:auto;height:380px;">
          <span><b>{CreatedDateTime:date(_$R("m/d/Y g:i A"))} - {Subject}</b></span>
          <div style="text-overflow:clip;overflow:visible;">{NotesBody}</div>

    7. Save and close, then open the Incident top level tab for acquiring the changes.