How would you configure a survey to only send for records owned by a specific team?

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    We would only like surveys to go out to the customer if their case is owned by a particular team. How can this be accomplished?



    Modify the trigger condition of the workflow that generates the Survey. We will use the Survey workflow for Service Request out of the box as an example; it’s a very simple workflow, just a Start and Stop block, and a Notification block that sends the Survey email. 



    The trigger condition is that the Service Request is Closed, and the Send Survey Notification flag is set to True. This is handled in a business rule on the Service Request object, and sets the flag true on every 5th record by default. 

    This trigger condition (see below) can be modified to also only fire if the record is owned by a specific team. To do so, you would click on the blue plus icon to add a new criteria, select Owner Team as the Field value, and then enter the exact name of the Team as the Value. Once the updated workflow has been saved and published, the Survey should only be sent if the record is owned by the appropriate team and the Send Survey Notification flag is True.