Heat Create Call - Unable to change CallType

Version 1


    When creating a HEAT call through the IVR you recieve the error: Unable to Change Call Type.



    1.  Stop Heat integration -- Web Portal -> System Information -> Integrations

    2.  Navigate to Program Files\Frontrange Solutions\IP Communications Management\CfgStudio\AppBlocks\HEATCreateCall.1

    3.  Back up the existing .wsc

    4.  Right click on the original .wsc and choose unregister

    5.  Open .wsc in notepad

    6.  Find 3rd occurence of string calltype

    7.  Cut the Set Call Type section (6 Lines)

    8.  Find the string Commit

    9.  Paste 6 Call Types lines from above IMMEDIATELY ABOVE Commit

    10. Save File

    11. Register wsc

    12. Enable Heat Integration