Error on the Metrics Server tab of the SCW: "Invalid column name 'MetricsServer'.  Invalid column name 'MetricsServer_Valid'."

Version 1


    When going to the "Metrics Server" tab of the System Configuration wizard, receive error: "Invalid column name 'MetricsServer'.  Invalid column name 'MetricsServer_Valid'."


    This is the result of an error which occurred during metatadata update/upgrade of the ConfigDB, as part of upgrading between HEAT versions.  It is literally missing a column in the ConfigDB database, because of an error encountered during the upgrade process (note that you should have received an error during the upgrade/update).

    There are two options to resolve this: You may try recreating the ConfigDB (most thorough, but not recommended) or, you may create the field manually. We recommend the latter step. The reason for this is that any failures encountered during creating the field manually will give some indication of why it may not have created the field initially. 

    Note that an IIS reset will be necessary after performing this step. You may also need to clear the contents of C:\Temp\HEATCache.

    You will create the field by logging into ConfigDB > Configure Application> Business Objects > Tenants > Object Fields > Add New.  Create it to the following specifications.