How to retrieve e-mails faster in GoldMine Mobile without changing the global retrieval interval within the GoldMine Connect (since GMPE 2014.2)/GoldMine Mobile (GMPE 9.x - 2014.1) settings?

Version 1


    For GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile the GoldMine  Administrator can determine a global retrieval interval for e-mails via  Tools >> Configure >> GoldMine Connect >>  Automatically retrieve and link email messages when user is logged in to  GoldMine Connect + Retrieval interval (in minutes) setting.


    Within  GoldMine Premium Edition the GoldMine Administrator or GoldMine user  can set an auto-retrieval of e-mails individually within the GoldMine  user's E-mail preferences >> More Options >> Tab Retrieval  >> Background E-mail Retrieval >> Retrieve mail every x  minutes + Tab Accounts >> Edit the specific Account >> Set  Auto-retrieve


    When  the user is waiting for a certain e-mail and does not want to wait  until the next auto-retrieval kicks in within GoldMine Premium Edition the user can  go directly on to the E-mail Center's Online folder and  download the desired e-mail manually (via Right Click >> Get  selected item) once it is available on the mail server but there is no such possibility in GoldMine Web.

    When  now a user is waiting for an urgent e-mail in GoldMine Mobile and knows  that the retrieval interval is set to a higher interval like 30 minutes  or higher, the user may need to wait up to the set minutes to see the  e-mail within GoldMine Mobile.
    Is there any way to kick in the  retrieval process of e-mails manually - How to retrieve e-mails faster  in GoldMine Mobile without changing the global retrieval interval within  the GoldMine Connect settings?


    Similar as in GoldMine Premium for overdue alarm  pop-ups or automatic e-mail retrieval, the 'first' interval starts once  the user logs into GoldMine Premium Edition, which means that within  about one minute after logging in and GoldMine being available the alarm  pop-up window appears and the automatic e-mail retrieval within  GoldMine Premium Edition starts. The same process happens in GoldMine  Web, so that the user simply needs to log out of GoldMine Web and re-log  into GoldMine Web. This will then force retrieval starting after 1  minute and should be completed not later than 2 minutes after re-login.