Error message when trying to access Telephony:  Softphone cannot be loaded

Version 1


    Error message when trying to access Telephony functionality:  Softphone cannot be loaded.

    This happens with new workstations using 2013 or newer.




    - The cause of this issue is that the GMSP2.DLL is not registered
    - To resole this issue you will need to manually register the GMSP2.DLL file

    1. Close GoldMine
    2. Open a Command (CMD) Prompt as an administrator
    3. Type the following regsvr32 "<path>\GMSP2.DLL" and press Enter
    Where <Path> is the location of the GMW.exe file
    For example: regsvr32 "c:\Program files (x86)\GoldMine\GMSP2.DLL" - this is the default location on a windows 64bit install.
    4. The following message should appear on screen to confirm the DLL have been registered

    5. Open GoldMine and open the Softphone