Unable to log in to GoldMine Mobile, Error code: 32

Version 1


    When logging into GoldMine GoldMine Mobile, the user will see Error code: 32



    Error code 32 is related to a GoldMine API error, 
    1) On the webserver locate the folder where the GoldMine DLL files are stored.  Typically these will be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine.
    2) Delete all files that end with .dll, .exe, files and delete the tx32 folder.
    3) Open the Windows Control Panel, and open "Programs and Features"  
    4) Locate and click uninstall GoldMine to begin the repair process.
    5) You will be given three options, select "Repair" and click next and complete the repair wizard.
    6) Once the above process is complete, open the IIS Manager and verify that the GMMobileAppPool is set to an iditity of a local administrator (local system) or a user with modify rights to the GoldMine system directory
    3. Reset IIS