Updated system requirements for iGoldMine versions 9 and above. 

Version 1


    The current document iGoldMine system requirements are outdated for versions 9 and 2014.  Below are the updated system requirement for the new iGoldMine versions



    The Memory and CPU requirements of an iGoldMine Server are determined by the applications that are published and the number of users accessing the system. In general, an iGoldMine Server can support 12 heavy users on a server running a 1.5GHz CPU or 25 light users on the same server setup.  (Heavy is defined as a user running one or more large applications with continuous user interaction. Light is defined as a user running one application with intermittent user interaction.)

    A minimum of 256 MB of RAM is required for running iGoldMine on the server, plus 1GB of  RAM per user session where GoldMine is used. Additional memory may also be required by other application(s) also deployed via iGoldMine such as Microsoft Office.