How to create a smart client trace?

Version 1


    For troubleshooting purposes the HEAT 7.x product line offers a client tracing feature.
    These traces contain enhanced information for the FrontRange Development Team.
    The setting is, per default, disabled and should be only enabled if FrontRange Technical Support requests it.


    How can the tracing be enabled and where is the file written?

    In the default installation folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\FrontRange Solutions\Service Management" each Smart/Premise client exe file has a corresponding config file called Orion.AppLoader.exe.config where the settings can be configured.

    (If you use the 32bit exe version of the Smart/Premise client then the file is called Orion.AppLoader32.exe.config and changes need to be made there the same way)

    The below screenshot shows the red marked settings which needs to be changed.

    Please keep in mind that the folder where the log file will be written (e.g. c:\ITSMLogs\ ) needs to be created before and appropriate NTFS write permissions for the logged on Windows needs to be applied if the user is not member of the local administrator group.

    The file name can also be changed.

    After the changes are done and saved the client needs to be started again and the log file should appear.

    - This feature is not available for Auto-deploy / Click-Once clients
    - The config file changes needs to be made with local Administrator rights
    - Enabled tracing can create huge files which may consume a lot of disk space and should therefore again deactivated after the file creation.