Is it possible to advance the CallID value?

Version 1


    We are going to merge data from another system and would like to reserve a block of 9000 Call ID's for this implementation.  Example -  If the current ticket number is 483100, I would like it reset to 492100 (483100 + 9000 = 492100) so there is one block of numbers that we can use to assign calls to when we convert them.


    The CallID is just a sequential counter. It is stored in the HEATSeq table. Before changing this, be sure you have a valid backup of the database in case something goes awry. To find the current value and to update it to a larger number based on your example:

    To find current CallID:
    SELECT *
    WHERE SeqKey = 'CallID'

    To update the CallID so next CallID will be 00492101
    SET SeqValue = '492100'
    WHERE SeqKey = 'CallID'