OpsConsole: Time out when pushing between tenants

Version 1



    When using the OpsConsole to push configurations between Tenants, a timeout error may occur on large configurations.

    This article describes how to increase the timeout value.



    To increase the timeout values, modify the file C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\OpsConsole\Web.config (may be in a different root folder in your installation).

    Around line 134 in the file you will see a binding entry and values for the settings receiveTimeout and sendTimeout.  Increase the values of these 2 parameters to the values shown in the following screenshot:

    This will set the time out to 3 hours instead of 10 minutes and 1 minute that are the default values respectively for the 2 settings.

    After making the change it will be necessary to do an "iisreset" on the server so that the new timeout values are taken into account.