How to add a new category to the Incident.Category pick list?

Version 1


    Would like to add a new Category to the Incident.Category pick list. How do I add a new value to the list in the drop down?


    Out-of-the-box the Incident.Category is driven by the pick list 'Category of Category used in Incident'.  This pick list is constrained based off of CI.Service.  The proper way to add a new category to that pick list is:

    1. Log in under an Admin role
    2. Click on More... to see additional workspaces and type in: CI Service
    3. Select the Service that you would like the new category added to. Example: Service Desk
    4. Click on the 'Service Desk Category' tab
    From here you can link an existing category to this Service or add a New category.
    5. Click on New to add an new category
    6. Save the CI Service object

    Now on the Incident form, when you select the Service: Service Desk, you will see the new category you just added within the Category drop down options.