How to activate a Service Request item on receiving an email from customer

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    Working with Service Requests, it is possible to ask something to the requestor. Turning the Service Request into state "Waiting for Customer", a prompt window will appear for sending a message to the customer. However, the answer to this message is not directly added to HEAT, neither to the Service Request object, and this one remains in "Waiting for Customer" state even there was an answer from him. This article describes how to add these emails to the proper Service Request object, and then modify the state from "Waiting for Customer" to "Active". The same pattern could be used for other business objects distinct than incident and problems. For incidents, please follow article 14862.



    Please follow this procedure for activating a Service Request object:

    1. Create a separate mail listener for the emails that are related to the Service Request. Remember to modify all the notifications for using the same email account for the sender. Please follow the screenshot with your own data to create it, note that the "Unique key" value  is "ServiceReqNumber".

    2. Create a Quick Action that turns the Service Request item into Active if the status is "Waiting for customer"

      For friendly  copy and paste:
      $(if Status == "Waiting for Customer" then "Active" else Status)

    3. In the AdminUI, open "Business Objects >> Journal#Email >> Workflows” and click to add a new one

    4. Add a new version

    5. Edit the configuration as it must work only for incoming emails

    6. Add the following blocks: Start, Run for Child and Stop, and connect them

    7. Configure the "Run for Child" block as follows:

    8. Save and publish this version