Placing a Custom Image\Logo in GoldMine’s Logon Window

Version 1



    Display your organization’s logo or other graphic on GoldMine's log-on screen.
    To display correctly, the file must be a bitmap (.bmp) within a size limit of 150 x 250 pixels,
    however we recommend that you have the bitmap 150x240 pixels to best fit the available area.




    1. Place the bitmap graphic file (.bmp) in the root GoldMine directory.

    2. Using a text editor such as Windows Notepad, open the GM.ini file.

    3. Under the [GoldMine] section, add the following line: UserLogo=<path\filename>

    For example, if you placed the graphics file MyLogo.bmp in your GoldMine directory, type the following statement:

    4. Save GM.ini, then exit the text editor.

    5. Open GoldMine to display the changed log-on screen.