How to implement the 2015.1 feature "Disable Chat"?

Version 1


    How to "Disable Chat but leave Social Board active." The Chat feature is available in the HEAT Social Board. If you want to disable the Chat feature, follow the steps below:



    Disabling Chat for a Role

    1.From the Configuration Console, click Build > Page Layouts.
    2.Select the role from the Roles column for which to disable the Chat feature.
    3.In the Page Layouts column, locate Social Board, scroll to the right, and click Advanced Options.
    4.Check Disable Chat to disable the Chat feature.
    5.Click Save 
    6.Return to the Service Desk Console and refresh the browser.
    7.While logged in as the role that you selected in step 2, access any workspace and verify that the system does not display the Chat zone.