Understanding the Breaching in Next n Hours Report.rpt Report

Version 3


    The purpose of this report is to show a user all the Incidents that will breach their SLA in the next x hours where x is defined by the user running the report.  The report takes in to account the Calendar associated to the Incident's SLA and will only count time according to the hours this specifies.  If the clock is stopped on an Incident it will not be included in the report.



    The report can only be used if your ServiceDesk database has a particular view on it and the machine you are running the report from has certain Crufl's installed.  The view is called vw_BusinessHours and the script for producing it should be in the release documentation with the report itself.  The crufls are called CRUFL_BusinessHours.dll and CRUFL_incidentDuration.dll and must be registered using Reg_CRUFL.bat before they are effective.  Please ensure you follow the documentation carefully to ensure this is done.


    The report is designed to be used by Managers to identify Incidents that are going to breach their SLA soon and therefore take action to ensure that appropriate resource has been allocated to these Incidents to prevent that from occuring.



    At present the report will only display very basic information about the Incidents.  As it is a Crystal report it is completely modifiable, some useful additions you may want to consider making are:

              1) Adding in the name of the Current Assignee so tha it's easy to see who has a view of this at present

              2) Adding the Priority of the Incident so it's easy to prioritise which to chase first


    Potential Problems

    This report does not show Incidents that have breached but are still running.  The report shows Incidents that are breaching in the next x hours according to their calendar, so, if your SLA calendar runs from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and you run this report at 4pm on a Friday to look for Incidents breaching in the next 2 hours it will return all Incidents that are due to breach anytime before 10am on Monday, not just until 6pm Friday.