Error saving a Request Offering

Version 1


    When saving a Request Offering, the user gets the following error:

    Unhandled system exception: TargetVariant.ServiceReq.ServiceReqTemplate: '-----------------------------------------' is not in the validation list.


    This error is related to the Service configured in the Request Offering, and it can be produced in two scenarios:

    1. The CI Service has been retired (Status field value is Retired)
    2. The CI Service has been deleted

    The first scenario has a quick workaround. The Status can be changed to Production and then the Request Offering can be modified and saved.

    However, in the second scenario, it would be necessary to create the CI Service with former RecID, that it is possible to find in the first step of the Request Offering (it is only visible it this error is being reproduced):

    Please follow these procedure for creating the CI Service with the proper RecID:

    1.     In the administration area, go to the CI business object. Access the Object Fields, and enter into the RecID. Once there, uncheck the “Hidden in UI” and save it

    2.     Still in the CI BO, go to the business rules. Look for the “RecID is read only” rule and disable it

    3.     Open the BO CI.Service, and then go to the form called “CI.Service.ServiceMap”. From the left menu, add the RecID field elsewhere in the form and save it

    4.     In the application area, open the CI.Service workspace, and create a new service as in the screenshot, using the value that is shown in the fisrt step of the Request Offering as RecID, removing the one that is generated by default

    5.     Open the Request Offering workspace, and open the problematic RO. In the first step, the service “_For Remove” should be selected. Add the category and save it.

    6.     Once saved, change the service for a valid one and save the Request Offering.

    7.     Finally, you can remove the “_For remove” service we added previously, and undo the steps 3, 2 and 1 (in that order)