Why do Duplicate Tenants show in the OpsConsole?

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    In the OpsConsole Tenants tab, it is possible that the same Tenants can be shown multiple times.  This article gives one of the reasons why this may occur and a possible solution.

    Please note that this article is primarily for implementations that are only using one Configuration Database for Production, Staging and UAT tenants.




    This issue can arise if the Config Service URL and the Multi Instance Service URL have been configured with different Hostnames in the URL's even though they are pointing towards the same ConfigDB.
    For example: If the Production Tenant Landscape is configured with the name of the Server and the Staging Tenant Landscape is configured with "localhost" this will cause the Ops Console to show Duplicate Tenants on the Tenants tab.

    To stop this from occurring all the Landscapes need to be configured with the same values in the Config Service and the Multi Instance Service URL's.