Service Requests are being cancelled by Internal Services

Version 1


    Service Requests are being cancelled by the system automatically and showing that the Internal Services account was the one that cancelled them.  Where is this being done? How can we change it? Can it be disabled?


    What you are experiencing is based on the Out-of-the-box design.  There is an escalation schedule called 'ServiceReq - Waiting' which is set to 'Run' when the status of the Service Request is 'Submitted'.  The screen shot below shows that.  For that schedule, it is set to '10-days' using the HOP '9 to 5' and once that breaches it calls the quick action 'Cancel Service Request'.  If you do not want this behavior, you will need to alter the escalation schedule to perform a different action or to perform no action by setting the 'On breach, run action' to 'None'.

    The Escalation Schedules are accessed through the AdminUI.


    1.       Log in under the Admin role

    2.       Click on Configure Application

    3.       Click on Automation Tools

    4.       Click on the Escalation Schedule you want to edit