GoldMine Web - (GMWEB) - Is there any way to change which contact set database is opened in the GoldMine Web, using only the Goldmine Web (GMWEB)?

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    Is there any way to change which contact set database is opened in the GoldMine Web, using only the Goldmine Web (GMWEB)?



    Contact Sets within GoldMine Web



    - Within GoldMine Web there is at the moment no ability for users to change contact sets within GoldMine Web client (also applies to GoldMine Mobile).

    - The current opened contact set within GoldMine Web is also the last opened Contact Set database (from the USER.INI > COMMONDIR entry) and only when the user never opened the GoldMine windows client or the USER.INI's COMMONDIR entry was removed then the COMMONDIR entry from the GM.INI is used instead.

    - The only possibility to change this ‘for’ the Web client would be to


    1. Make sure to be logged out of GoldMine Web

    2. Log into GoldMine Premium Edition as the specific user

    3. Tools > Databases > Open Database

    4. Highlight the desired Contact set database

    5. Open via double click or button Open

    6. Close GoldMine Premium Edition.

    7. Log into GoldMine Web and verify again

    Additional Information:

    - While it was a common and necessary practice in very old versions of GoldMine (lower than GoldMine 6.5) to have several contact sets for different contact types like customers and suppliers, today usually different contact sets are only used for archiving purposes, means contacts which are moved out of the active contact set as they are not valid anymore but the information should not be deleted. In order to use and setup different types of contact records within GoldMine, GoldMine contains a feature called Record Typing where per contact record type fields can contain different labels, the default views are different, so that different contact set databases are not necessary anymore.


    - Many areas of GoldMine work with different Contact Sets properly but for example

    a. When opening Case / Service Management a message appears "GoldMine has detected that the current Contact Set "xyz: is different from the main GoldMine database...."

    b. Setup Outlook integration will also refer to the original set Contact Set and if this should be changed a new Read GoldMine Settings for the Outlook Integration would be necessary