ERROR: Wrong HDA Number!  - After upgrading GoldMine and then being prompted for the new license.

Version 1


    - When launching after running an upgrade upgrade from one major GoldMine version to another where a license change is necessary - for example GMPE 2013.1.x to GMPE 2014.2.x etc - GoldMine prompts for the new license.   - The new license is then entered and when clicking OK, the following error happens: Wrong HDA Number!


    1 - Navigate to the GoldMine share on the server (the upgrade should be always performed first on the application server). 2 - Rename all license.dbf, license.bin, licensegm.bin, licensegm94.bin files to .old (alternatively these can be deleted if there is a backup of the files). 3 - Launch GoldMine. 4 - Provide new version license >> OK. 5 - Complete the registration information. 6 - Verify that GoldMine launches.  NOTE:  - If this issue persists after the above steps have been followed, please contact GoldMine Customer Care and Technical Support. - In such cases it will be necessary to re-setup and configure undocked users and sites for synchronization