How can I separate the first and last name of a contact from a GoldMine export to Excel?

Version 1


    Constant Contact import requires two fields for the first and last name of a contact when importing a flat file (.csv) into it's database. This can also be the case for importing contact records exported from GoldMine into any other 3rd party application. 


    1. Export contact records from GoldMine to a .csv file

    a. all contacts or a filter/group previously created to export (please see the help file for assistance in creating a filter or group)
    2. File > Import/Export > Export Contact Records
    3. Select Export to a new file and CSV file: > next
    4. Select all Contact Records, or the desired filter or group from the drop down list
    a. Select Primary and/or Additional contacts and a Merge code: (if applicable) > next
    5. Select the desired fields and their vales to export
    NOTE: "Contact" will be exported into one cell as "First name Last name"
    6. Details regarding "Options", "Edit Expr" and "Convert ANSI to OEM" can be found in the Help File
    a. These settings can be left as default for the purpose of this article > next
    7. Enter the path and name of where the export file is to be saved
    a. Check Export GoldMine field names that has mappings as first record if a header row is desired > next 
    8. The Save Profile page of the wizard will allow you to save the export profile for later use > next
    9. Finish
    10. Check the Process Monitor at the bottom of GoldMine to verify completion before opening file
    11. The following Microsoft Office Knowledge-Base article will walk you step by step on how to split this contact record name cell into two cells:
    12. Once completed the file can now be saved as the desired file extension