How to create a URL that opens the Incident form in the Incident Workspace?

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    We have the need to provide users a URL that they can click on that will take them directly into a new incident record.  How can this be performed?


    Below is the format of the link you would need to use so users can click on a URL and have it create a new incident record:

    https://<tenant name>/Login.aspx?Scope=ObjectWorkspace&CommandId=CreateRecord&ObjectType=Incident%23&CommandData=

    Replace  <tenant name> with your tenant name.

    What this link does is it opens the incident workspace and creates a new incident record.  Now, the above link takes into consideration that you are already logged into the application.  If you are not logged in, you will need to provide additional information into the URL as shown below.

    To provide your Auth provider in the URL:
    https://< tenant name>/Login.aspx?ProviderName=<Authentication Provider Name>&role=ServiceDeskAnalyst&Scope=ObjectWorkspace&CommandId=CreateRecord&ObjectType=Incident%23&CommandData=

    Replace <tenant name> with your tenant name
    Replace <Authentication Provider Name> with the name of your authentication provider

    Also, you can specify the role to be whatever role  you want the users to log into when clicking on the link