Attempt to view HEATBoard issue and HEAT does not allow viewing due to security restriction.

Version 1


    On a specific active ticket in Call Logging, when a user goes to Accessory > HEATBoard > "Current Call Info" and receives the error -

    Call ID:XXXXXXXX is linked to HEATBoard Issue XXX. It was linked by <heatuser> on <some date> @ <some time>. Either security won't allow viewing this HEATBoard issue or the Issue belongs to a team for which you haven't enabled viewing.

    See resolution below.




    1. In Administrator module, ensure that the affected user is on the Team from which the HEATBoard issue was created. If unsure of team, tenatively add user to all teams.

    2. Relaunch Call Logging on affected user's machine.

    2. In Call Logging > Edit > User Preferences >  HEATBoard (tab) > Team Selection field, select the team under which the HEATBoard issue was created, again if unsure of team tentatively select all teams.