In v6.3.7 all listed items in a dropdown field are shown, however in v6.3.10 not all items listed show and there is a "Show more" option at the bottom of the list.

Version 1


    This article provides the work-around to remove the "Show more" option at the bottom of a (validated) dropdown field.



    There was a bug in the 6.3.7 release in which the "Show more..." did not show in drop-lists.  This was corrected in the 6.3.8 and later releases by RM#159008.  Unfortunately it looks some implementations have been taking advantage of this "bug".

    There is a possible work-around solution.  On the Business Object that the drop-list is accessing - on the Advanced tab there is the setting "Entire Table is cacheable".  When this option is checked the "Show more..." will not appear in the drop-list.

    For example: In the Demo DB the "Entire table is cacheable" option is not set on the StandardUserTeam Business Object.

    When creating an Assignment the Team drop-list only shows the first 10 results and then has the "Shows more..." row:

    If the "Entire table is cacheable" option is set:

    Then the drop-list no longer has the "Show more..." row and displays all the entries:

    I would not recommend enabling this option on Business Objects that contain lots of rows of data.  The customer should leave the "Entire table is cacheable" option unset and use either the "Show more..." row or the F9 function key to access the rest of the data.