Is there any possibility to find out who or when a Contact record was deleted?

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    Is there any possibility to find out who or when a Contact record was deleted?


    - GoldMine does not have an auditing  capability and therefore does not track by default and application wise  who and when or how a record was deleted.
    - It might be possible when  the SQL database property Recovery Model set to Full  a  knowledgeable SQL DBA would be able to find out, but this is outside the  GoldMine Technical Support boundaries.
    - GoldMine itself tracks changes  of a record once the record was at least one time synchronized (for example via  GoldSync, Sync Wizard - without Sync Only current contact, Outlook  Sync  - without sync only current contact). At this point the related  Tlog entry changes from a value zznew (new and not yet synchronized) to  zsnew (new and synchronized) as from this point on the sync changes for  the record from a record level sync (the whole record will be taken) to a  field level sync (only changed field values are considered to be  synced)

    Please review the available screen recording which explains also a little bit further. This video can be reviewed or downloaded from

    - If a customer is regularly synchronizing then there might be a chance to find  out who and when a record was deleted but otherwise there is nothing  from within GoldMine itself logging a deletion of a record.

    - What partners or customers may want to consider is a trigger recording all deletions of Contact1 records into a  separate database/table, but this is outside the GoldMine Technical Support boundaries, therefore we cannot not assist in creation,  optimizing, investigating or troubleshooting such a trigger, however the attached archive contains an example trigger that could be used to achieve the above task.

    The archive contains 3 files >>
    1_GoldMineC1AuditionlogsDBcreation script will create a new database,
    2_GoldMineC1AuditionlogsTablecreation script will create a new table within the new database and
    3_GoldMineC1Auditionlogs  AUDIT_DELETE_GMPE2016_1 generates a trigger on the CONTACT1 table which  will record Deletion actions with additional information like which  machine which Windows User Date and Time and the application.

    Review the table content from time to time or if necessary, this table may  then help further in investigating how those mentioned records vanished.