Is there a way to change what our emails say when they are sent.

Version 1


    When an employee gets the email notification that a ticket is closed it has the incident resolution on it and we would like to remove that.


    This is possible yes.  Follow the below steps

    1.  Login to the application as an Admin role user.

    2.  Select Configure Application>> Business Objects>> Incident Object.

    3.  Click on the Business Rules tab and expand the "Triggered Actions" rule list.

    4.  Find the Rule named "IncidentClosureNotification" and click on the Edit icon (pencil).

    5.  Click Next twice on the Edit Trigger Action window.

    6.  This should bring you to the email configuration for this rule.  In the body of the email you will see towards the bottom the inserted field Resolution like below.  You can remove it here and save the rule and test to make sure it is working as you like.