How to enforce user input in a Prompt function in a quick action

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    This article provides instructions and example on how to enforce user input in a Prompt function in a quick action



    1. Create a validation business object that contains the values a user will input into the target field. 

    2. Create a picklist for the business object running the action (to the validation business object created in step 1 above). Please note, this picklist does not have to be configured for the target field but can be configured for another field on the same business object. In other words, in the example below the Urgency List picklist is actually configured for Incident.Urgency field but was used in the prompt for a different field Incident.TextTest

    3. In the example Prompt expression below, you can set this pick list and also make it required. See example expression below for Prompt parameters where  "Urgency List" picklist is used and the "true" parameter which makes a pick list value required -

    $(Prompt("Please choose an urgency value",  "Urgency List", 0, 0, false, true, ""))

    4. See screenshots below for enforcement of user input on the field -

    a. Executed quick action -

    b. Select from dropdown list

    c. Result

    The above settings enforces user input "during" prompt function execution.