How to add an extra push-button option on Knowledge articles displayed from Object Matching?

Version 1


    When clicking on a Knowledge Article in the Object Matching panel at the right-hand side of the screen, the pop-up windows has 2 push-button options: "Link" and "Link and "Resolve":

    This article has the information on other push-buttons can be added.




    To add a new button go to the Configure Application-->Automation Tools-->Object Matching Lists.

    Select the appropriate Matching List that is associated with the Layout.  e.g. Incident ObjectMatching

    Click on "Edit Preview" beside Knowledge:

    Click on "Edit Preview" besides the Type of Knowledge article (it will need to added for each Knowledge article type):

    At the bottom left there is a "Add New Button" link:
    This brings up the Add New Button dialog:
    This new button will be shown on the pop-up window.